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The Funnel
Wojciech Rusin
The Funnel
Catalogue Number
AKR 009
Release Date
June 2019

Wojciech Rusin’s The Funnel is another weird and wonderful release from Glaswegian label Akashic (Golden Teacher, Ultimate Thrush). The debut LP from this composer, musician and instrument builder (wow) finds kindred spirits in the output of Sacred Tapes and Slip Records. This is curious, occasionally faux-naive art music that touches on chamber composition, experimental electronics, musique concrete and Medieval song. There are similarities between The Funnel and the work of These New Puritans, though this record more abstract and less driven by rhythm. Surely one of the more unique albums you’ll come across in 2019 - and quite possibly one of the most rewarding too.

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  1. 1 Paolo's Dream 1:01 Wojciech Rusin
  2. 2 Prima Materia 1:00 Wojciech Rusin
  3. 3 Salvation 1:00 Wojciech Rusin
  4. 4 First Encounter 1:03 Wojciech Rusin
  5. 5 Transmutation 1:01 Wojciech Rusin
  6. 6 Cyclops 0:59 Wojciech Rusin
  7. 7 Fox Glove 0:57 Wojciech Rusin
  8. 8 Dance 1 1:01 Wojciech Rusin
  9. 9 Sacrifice 1:00 Wojciech Rusin
  10. 10 Celestial Twins Proccession 0:57 Wojciech Rusin
  11. 11 Jupiter 2:04 Wojciech Rusin

Experimental and Noise

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Ambient and Modern Classical

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