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Released in 1982 and since gaining a distinct cult status, Zombie Birdhouse signalled the zenith of an era of wild, hare-brained experimentation for Iggy Pop. Absorbing the influence of post-punk and new wave (genre movements that he himself could claim at least some founding responsibility), the stellar heavy rock flair of Pop’s earlier work, still centre stage on ‘Run Like A Villain’ and ‘Angry Hills’, is amped to ever-escalating heights by droning synths and electronic beats.

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  1. 1 Run Like A Villain 0:56 Iggy Pop
  2. 2 The Villagers 0:59 Iggy Pop
  3. 3 Angry Hills 1:02 Iggy Pop
  4. 4 Life Of Work 0:56 Iggy Pop
  5. 5 The Ballad Of Cookie McBride 1:01 Iggy Pop
  6. 6 Ordinary Bummer 1:01 Iggy Pop
  7. 7 Eat Or Be Eaten 0:56 Iggy Pop
  8. 8 Bulldozer 0:59 Iggy Pop
  9. 9 Platonic 1:00 Iggy Pop
  10. 10 The Horse Song 0:55 Iggy Pop
  11. 11 Watching The News 1:02 Iggy Pop
  12. 12 Street Crazies 0:59 Iggy Pop


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