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Ghastly Garden Centres
Moon Wiring Club
Ghastly Garden Centres
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June 2019
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Another set of Ghost Box-style strangeness from Ian Hodgson’s Moon Wiring Club here. Ghastly Garden Centres sees Hodgson getting green fingers by exploring the latent weirdness of the garden centre. Trip-hop, breakbeat, dub, downtempo, jazz and more are all bundled together on this set of hauntological oddball electronics. The quintessentially British feel of Ghastly Garden Centres means that you can file it alongside the likes of Mr. Scruff and The Gasman. Scattered across 22 spectral tracks — each brandishing screwed-up techno and ramshackle house sensibilities as their misshapen tools — the many vignettes of Ghastly Garden Centres by Moon Wiring Club (Ian Hodgson) brings to life a distinctly British sort of dilapidation. Taking its cues from Ghost Box’s edgeland futurism, trip hop and dub beats droop ever-lower into their downtrodden sway, as spectral presences dip in and out of earshot like potentiality just beyond grasp.

  1. 1 B-Road Witchery Moon Wiring Club 3:07
  2. 2 Gallons Of Ghostrogen Moon Wiring Club 3:01
  3. 3 The Art Of Gardening Moon Wiring Club 3:10
  4. 4 Dark Stone Paving Moon Wiring Club 3:13
  5. 5 Golden Vale Nurseries Moon Wiring Club 3:10
  6. 6 Don't Order The Chrysanthemums Moon Wiring Club 3:08
  7. 7 Attractive Suntraps Moon Wiring Club 3:18
  8. 8 Out Of Body Garden Party Moon Wiring Club 3:00
  9. 9 Owl Rot & Apple Canker Moon Wiring Club 3:29
  10. 10 October Creosote Kiosk Moon Wiring Club 3:24
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Moon Wiring Club

Experimental and Noise

Experimental House and Techno

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