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Russian duo PTU find a sweet spot with second album Am I Who I Am, setting it firmly at the intersection point of a grid. Its axes: industrial harsh noise, warped techno chicanery, high concept mecha anime, and hard science fiction. While work abstract ‘Doc 22’ invokes a distant future of sentient AI, the future is still indelibly in the present tense. Remote drone warfare ensues over ‘Which Word is the Coldest’, while the toxic ideology of a neo-colonialist culture is set to a motion-sick rhythms on ‘Copper Mines, New Machines and the Future Conspiracy’. Submission to a culture run by technocratic overlords, PTU suggest, is a lot easier than it looks.

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  1. 1 Doc 22 3:40 PTU Buy
  2. 2 The Pursuit of a Shadow 4:01 PTU Buy
  3. 3 Castor and Pollux 3:18 PTU Buy
  4. 4 After Cities 5:35 PTU Buy
  5. 5 Former Me 3:17 PTU Buy
  6. 6 How Does it Feel 3:24 PTU Buy
  7. 7 Over 3:24 PTU Buy
  8. 8 Copper Mines, New Machines and the Future Conspiracy 3:13 PTU Buy
  9. 9 Which Word is the Coldest 3:39 PTU Buy
  10. 10 Sirocco 4:02 PTU Buy
  11. 11 Skyscript 3:43 PTU Buy
  12. 12 I Heard You Breathe 3:26 PTU Buy


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