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Luis Paniagua
Emotional Rescue
Catalogue Number
ERC 071
Release Date
June 2019
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Spanish multi-instrumentalist and producer Luis Paniagua gets the Emotional treatment here with the reissue of the stunning 1987 album "Neptuno". It's a joyous album that revels in global musical traditions, and its accomplished finish is a marvel considering he recorded it with Luis Delgado in his Madrid attic within just a few days. From the treated string swells and sitar lilt of the title track to the lively percussive tumble of "Gacelle" and on to the bell chimes of "Aqui Y Ahora", this is a stunning record executed with talent and rich with the many wonderful tones to be enjoyed from a whole world of instrumentation.

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  1. 1 Preparativos Para El Viaje 2:00 Luis Paniagua
  2. 2 Neptuno 2:00 Luis Paniagua
  3. 3 La Verdad De Lo Pequeno 2:00 Luis Paniagua
  4. 4 Paseo Celeste 2:00 Luis Paniagua
  5. 5 Gacelle 2:00 Luis Paniagua
  6. 6 Lo Inevitable 2:00 Luis Paniagua
  7. 7 Aqui Y Ahora 2:00 Luis Paniagua
  8. 8 Lo Ves?, Ya Te Lo Decia 2:00 Luis Paniagua

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