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Luis Paniagua
Emotional Rescue
Catalogue Number
ERC 071
Release Date
June 2019
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With 1987’s Neptuno, Spanish multi-instrumentalist composer Luis Paniagua enacts a kind of pan-global world music in the truest sense. There are so many reference points throughout this wondrous trip of a record that its cohesiveness must be down to some kind of heaven-sent miracle. Sitar drones approach the listener throughout with ‘Preparativos Para El Viaje’ and ‘Paseo Celeste’, while ‘La Verdad De Lo Pequeno’ recalls the medieval banquets of European kings. Ultimately, Neptuno is a fearless release that binds world traditions into one vibrant tapestry; a reminder that, across space and time, we are all closer than we appear.

  1. 1 Preparativos Para El Viaje Luis Paniagua 2:00
  2. 2 Neptuno Luis Paniagua 2:00
  3. 3 La Verdad De Lo Pequeno Luis Paniagua 2:00
  4. 4 Paseo Celeste Luis Paniagua 2:00
  5. 5 Gacelle Luis Paniagua 2:00
  6. 6 Lo Inevitable Luis Paniagua 2:00
  7. 7 Aqui Y Ahora Luis Paniagua 2:00
  8. 8 Lo Ves?, Ya Te Lo Decia Luis Paniagua 2:00

Emotional Rescue


Ambient and Modern Classical

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