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Memories in Beach House
Seaside Lovers
Memories in Beach House
Ship To Shore
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June 2019

Ship To Shore’s copy reads ‘jazz fusion’, but never has that genre definition seemed so amorphous when used in the context of Seaside Lovers’ Memories in Beach House. Originally released in 1983 — later becoming a collector’s item with copies fetching eye-watering prices online — legendary composers Akira Inoue, Masataka Matsutoya and Hiroshi Sato convened to go big with piano ballads, sun-soaked funk and, naturally, the most lavish city pop Japan has to offer.

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  1. 1 Lovers Paradise 2:00 Seaside Lovers
  2. 2 Melting Blue 2:00 Seaside Lovers
  3. 3 Sun Bathing 2:00 Seaside Lovers
  4. 4 Sunset Afternoon 2:00 Seaside Lovers
  5. 5 X's & O's 2:00 Seaside Lovers
  6. 6 Wind, Wave & Wineglass 2:00 Seaside Lovers
  7. 7 Coconuts Island 2:00 Seaside Lovers
  8. 8 Evening Shadows 2:00 Seaside Lovers
  9. 9 Blue Memories 2:00 Seaside Lovers

Ship To Shore

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