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#000000365 (Dark365)
J Sparrow
#000000365 (Dark365)
Deep Medi Musik
Catalogue Number
Release Date
May 2019
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And there we were thinking that we’d never see another LP from J(ack) Sparrow. Almost a decade on from his debut full-length we now get the follow-up from the enigmatic dubstep producer. Out via Deep Medi, #000000365 (Dark365) blends the label’s classic half-time style with some more contemporary influences. The prevalence of dinky arpeggiated lead lines and some latent Eski sounds gives #000000365 (Dark365) a vibe similar to Kahn, Neek and Egoless.

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  1. 1 Double Time Skank 4:39 J Sparrow Buy
  2. 2 Phat Alf 5:09 J Sparrow Buy
  3. 3 Modal 5:09 J Sparrow Buy
  4. 4 Kaleidadope 5:05 J Sparrow Buy
  5. 5 High Fidelity 5:31 J Sparrow Buy
  6. 6 Run for the Border 5:36 J Sparrow Buy
  7. 7 Unity Rock featuring Silkie 5:35 J Sparrow Buy
  8. 8 Nancara 6:21 J Sparrow Buy
  9. 9 Ndidi 5:12 J Sparrow Buy
  10. 10 Computer World 5:09 J Sparrow Buy
  11. 11 Sway 4:30 J Sparrow Buy
  12. 12 Grey Skies featuring Rider Shafique 5:42 J Sparrow Buy

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