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History of Heat
History of Heat
Blueberry Records
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July 2019
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SADAF’s History Of Heat LP is a set of brutalised songs and concrete deconstructions. There are rhythms and melodies on this album - sometimes SADAF’s voice even makes it to the surface - but generally these are often subsumed by electronic music that is full of glitch, noise and abrasion. The overall experience is not dissimilar to IVVVO or Arca at their most tortured, and the beat breakdowns of Death Grips’ Government Plates also come to mind. Towards the end of History Of Heat we get glimpses of the songs these once were in quiet, eerie numbers like ‘Guttermoon’.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 L'Enfer en pleine lumière 3:43 Sadaf Buy
  2. 2 Apparition 4:13 Sadaf Buy
  3. 3 History of Heat 3:53 Sadaf Buy
  4. 4 Animal 3:42 Sadaf Buy
  5. 5 Perfection 5:18 Sadaf Buy
  6. 6 Tiny Engine 4:09 Sadaf Buy
  7. 7 Ditectrice 2:43 Sadaf Buy
  8. 8 Feed Him 2:30 Sadaf Buy
  9. 9 The End (War Text) 4:36 Sadaf Buy
  10. 10 Guttermoon 3:58 Sadaf Buy
  11. 11 Wrong God 3:08 Sadaf Buy
  12. 12 Cinéma Vérité 2:14 Sadaf Buy


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