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fabric Presents: Kölsch
fabric Presents: Kölsch
Fabric Worldwide
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May 2019
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A night at London’s fabric is itself an emotional journey. You step in at one time and emerge at another, usually signposted by the hue of the sky, either having participated in a good time all round, or in some cases changed for ever. That seems to have been the stimulus for Danish DJ/producer Rune Reilly Kölsch’s exclusive Room 1 live mix. A techno-odyssey in ten parts (and a single continuous mix for those inclined), fabric presents Kölsch isn’t just sure slow-burn hypnotic bliss for the floor; it also unsheathes techno from the club in ways far beyond the singular pursuit of ecstasy.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 fabric Presents: Kölsch (Continuous DJ Mix) Kölsch 59:57 Buy
  2. 2 US1873 Kölsch 6:45 Buy
  3. 3 LH479 Kölsch 7:07 Buy
  4. 4 SK1550 Kölsch 5:53 Buy
  5. 5 EZY865 Kölsch 5:11 Buy
  6. 6 VA5641 Kölsch 5:43 Buy
  7. 7 AC1609 Kölsch 6:14 Buy
  8. 8 KM477 Kölsch 4:56 Buy
  9. 9 VY3517 Kölsch 6:30 Buy
  10. 10 UA444 Kölsch 4:09 Buy
  11. 11 EI3227 Kölsch 7:24 Buy


Fabric Worldwide

Dancefloor and Techno

Electronic and Electronica

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