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At once steeped in UK club culture’s past and near-future, Bristolian-Berliners Sneaker Social Club oversee a formidable collaborative affair from label mainstay Etch and North London MC Nico Lindsay. SNKR020 pulls no punches, save for the one that sends a strong hook to the mouth on ‘Predator vs. Prey (Toxin)’; crackles and hisses give way to a beat that fills the dark space like dripping pipes in an underground fight club, until Lindsay’s scholarly flow sends your head spinning.

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  1. 1 Don't Wanna Know 3:04 Etch, Nico Lindsay Buy
  2. 2 Predator vs. Prey (Toxin) 4:10 Etch, Nico Lindsay Buy
  3. 3 Photosynthesis 3:18 Etch, Nico Lindsay feat. Tranq Sinatra Buy

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