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Unthank 12
DJ Guy
Unthank 12
Catalogue Number
Release Date
June 2019

Unthank 12 is an EP of varied club takes from Cardiff veteran DJ Guy. The record kicks off with a couple of lovely Orb-style ambiences that, on ‘Metal XR 993 Side B Trk2’, go down a bit of an electro wormhole. Things get gnarlier from there - the next three tracks ratchet up the bpms through psychedelic techno, acid and breakbeat. ‘Asii100 1994 Side A Trk1’ closes out Unthank 12 by returning us to roughly where we started.

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  1. 1 BASF Ferro Extra 1994 Side A Trk1 2:00 DJ Guy
  2. 2 Metal XR 993 Side B Trk2 2:00 DJ Guy
  3. 3 BX90 1993 Side A Trk4 2:00 DJ Guy
  4. 4 New Quad Stuff 1994 Side A Trk1 2:00 DJ Guy
  5. 5 SA90 1995 Side A Trk5 2:00 DJ Guy
  6. 6 ASII100 1994 Side A Trk1 2:00 DJ Guy

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