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Private Sector
Private Sector
Upset The Rhythm
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May 2019
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What do you call your second LP after naming the first one Public Sector? That’s right, Private Sector. Hygeine’s latest full-length comes a full eight years after their debut, but the post-punkers have lost none of their bite in the break. This is another collection of wiry, sparky and thoroughly fed-up post-punk in that noble lineage that takes in artists like Gang Of Four, The Fall, Shopping and The Slits. Private Sector is the album that these rotten times deserves.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Replacement Bus Hygiene 2:28 Buy
  2. 2 English Disease Hygiene 2:54 Buy
  3. 3 Passion for Transportation Hygiene 2:11 Buy
  4. 4 He Doesn't Want to Pay His Taxes Hygiene 2:28 Buy
  5. 5 Dolphin Square Hygiene 2:18 Buy
  6. 6 Metropolitan Hygiene 2:16 Buy
  7. 7 Interregnum Hygiene 2:30 Buy
  8. 8 Sick Man of Europe Hygiene 3:28 Buy
  9. 9 Big Six Hygiene 2:57 Buy
  10. 10 Terry's Creatine Hygiene 3:34 Buy
  11. 11 Holloway Road Hygiene 2:39 Buy
  12. 12 Bring Back British Rail Hygiene 5:24 Buy

Upset The Rhythm

Alternative and Indie

Minimal Wave and Post-punk

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