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Phlegm EP
Ruby My Dear
Phlegm EP
Analogical Force
Catalogue Number
Release Date
May 2019
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For their next trick Analogical Force have brought Ruby My Dear into the fold. As a result, the Phlegm EP represents a bit of a shift in sound for the Spanish label, drawing them away from acid electro/techno and towards a fidgety hybrid of IDM and jungle. Cuts like ‘Dedaism’ and ‘Babil’ begin with pretty instrumental loops - they’re the sort of things that could pass for Nils Frahm or Olafur Arnalds - before exploding into life with whip-crack drums and depth charges of bass.

  1. 1 Dedaism Ruby My Dear 1:40
  2. 2 Splenetic Ruby My Dear 1:49
  3. 3 Babil Ruby My Dear 1:50
  4. 4 Babil (alternate take) Ruby My Dear 1:51
  5. 5 Jit Thin Ruby My Dear 1:50

Ruby My Dear

Analogical Force

Experimental and Noise

Braindance and Breakcore

Electro and Acid

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