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DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess
One Place For The First Time
Jahmoni Music
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May 17, 2019


DJ Marcelle (aka Another Nice Mess) has been a breath of fresh air in the dance music world ever since she first emerged in the mid-2000’s. The Dutch artist’s irreverent aesthetic, ultra-eclectic DJing style and wacky sense of humour make her stand out in a scene that often takes itself a little too seriously. This playfulness extends to Marcelle’s own productions, something her incomparable LP One Place For The First Time attests to.

Marcelle van Hoof has released plenty of mixtapes, singles and EPs in the past, but One Place For The First Time represents her debut full-length of original music - and the emphasis here is firmly on the ‘original’ part of that sentence. One Place For The First Time is one of those records that is full of familiar sounds yet is also unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Marcelle’s carefree, kaleidoscopic approach to music-making puts her alongside other genre-averse artists like Hype Williams, Charlemagne Palestine, Cosey Fanni Tutti and Thighpaulsandra. We even get a bit of a Government Plates-era Death Grips vibe off some of the beat frenzies here - and yet DJ Marcelle’s music is really a world away from Death Grips!

Dub, techno, jungle, singeli and primitive electronics are just a few of the styles that inform One Place For The First Time, but pigeonholing these tracks does them a disservice. Do the throbbing beats of ‘Respect My Snack Foods’ count as drum & bass with all those funny noises whirring away in the background? Ditto ‘Respect Caged Animals’, but with techno. Could you class the manic rhythm experiment of ‘Technicians And Their Smoke Machine’ as breakbeat? What the hell is going on with ‘There!’? Or ‘The Mother Of All Messes’? Or ‘Don’t Touch The Table!’? Or any of it?

One Place For The First Time is one of 2019’s most singular LPs. It has to be heard to be believed - there really is no-one out there quite like DJ Marcelle.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 She Plays Vinyl 1:15 Buy

    She Plays Vinyl

  2. 2 Respect My Snack Foods 7:03 Buy

    Respect My Snack Foods

  3. 3 Technicans And Their Smoke Machines 3:51 Buy

    Technicans And Their Smoke Machines

  4. 4 Hippies Use Side Door 4:26 Buy

    Hippies Use Side Door

  5. 5 Respect Caged Animals 6:34 Buy

    Respect Caged Animals

  6. 6 Dub (Dub) 2:28 Buy
  7. 7 There! 2:27 Buy
  8. 8 The Mother Of All Messes 2:41 Buy

    The Mother Of All Messes

  9. 9 Don't Touch The Table! 2:34 Buy

    Don't Touch The Table!

DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess

Jahmoni Music

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