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March 2004

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Tom Jenkinson returned on Warp as Squarepusher in 2004 with one of his most out there albums to date, pulling together his familiar palette of fractal breakbeats, jazz inflections and live drums, but pushing the whole thing a lot further than he has done before. About a hundred ideas and musical permutations fly past in just the opening title track. 'Iambic Poetry 9' is an elegantly conceived piece, the crisp clatter of drums adding earthy warmth, creating a track that, while perhaps complex in conception, is in the end nothing less than a slice of classic instrumental pop. Elsewhere, '50 Cycles' playfully incorporates hip hop, while final track 'Every Day I Love' strips everything back but a simple, wringing guitar for an effecting closing moment. A varied album overall, but one not lacking in feeling.

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  1. 1 Ultravisitor 8:33 Squarepusher Buy
  2. 2 I Fulcrum 3:31 Squarepusher Buy
  3. 3 Iambic 9 Poetry 6:55 Squarepusher Buy
  4. 4 Andrei 2:00 Squarepusher Buy
  5. 5 50 Cycles 8:33 Squarepusher Buy
  6. 6 Menelec 5:43 Squarepusher Buy
  7. 7 C-Town Smash 1:29 Squarepusher Buy
  8. 8 Steinbolt 7:44 Squarepusher Buy
  9. 9 An Arched Pathway 4:06 Squarepusher Buy
  10. 10 Telluric Piece 1:53 Squarepusher Buy
  11. 11 District Line II 8:33 Squarepusher Buy
  12. 12 Circlewave 6:28 Squarepusher Buy
  13. 13 Tetra-Sync 9:27 Squarepusher Buy
  14. 14 Tommib Help Buss 2:10 Squarepusher Buy
  15. 15 Every Day I Love 2:36 Squarepusher Buy


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