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Wild Flesh Presents
Various Artists
Wild Flesh Presents
Wild Flesh Productions
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May 2019
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This is a compilation of experimental electronic pop from Queens label Wild Flesh. The twist of Wild Flesh Presents is that, for this set of contributors, music is not their primary practice. We have artists, DJs and poets here, and as such there is plenty of novel music-making on display. Some tracks are pure strangeness - James K and Gobby open up the record with the art-dub number ‘Motorcycle (New Social Madison)’ - and many of them showcase an avant-garde sensibility. Contributions from Kayla Guthrie and Martina Gordon have a lopsided beauty to them. The tracks that make up Wild Flesh Presents provide a neat way into the discography of this intriguing label.

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  1. 1 James K & Gobby - "Motocycle (New Social Madison)" 1:18 Various Artists
  2. 2 Martina Gordon - "Arc Minute" 0:48 Various Artists
  3. 3 Whitney Claflin - "Car Music"   Various Artists
  4. 4 June Junior - "Dick Trap" 2:00 Various Artists
  5. 5 Clara Lou - "Furniture Supper Club"   Various Artists
  6. 6 Kayla Guthrie - "Erotic Death" 1:04 Various Artists
  7. 7 Cristina Croll & Speaker Music - "Tonnere"   Various Artists
  8. 8 Crawlspace (Hannah Dunne) - "Schizo"   Various Artists
  9. 9 Cammisa - "Venus Hunters" 1:57 Various Artists
  10. 10 Alex Fleming - "Never Go Out Drinking"   Various Artists
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