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Armand Jakobsson’s first EP of original DJ Seinfeld material for over a year is also the first release on Young Ethics, a new label from Jakobsson that will initially be geared towards releasing his own music. The Galazy EP is a strong start indeed. These tracks make good on the stargazing quality implied by the title Galazy. Cuts like ‘Electrian’ and ‘Uforia’ combine snapping electro grooves, wiggly keyboard melodies and a general astral vibe in a manner that brings to mind some holy grail collaboration between Rustie, Space Dimension Controller and Butter-era Hudson Mohawke. The breather track is ‘Mono Melo’, a cut which slows breakbeats down to hip-hop tempo.

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  1. 1 Electrian DJ Seinfeld 2:00
  2. 2 Mono Melo DJ Seinfeld 1:59
  3. 3 Uforia DJ Seinfeld 1:59
  4. 4 Galazy DJ Seinfeld 1:59

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