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3 Waves
The Wee DJs
3 Waves
Dream Ticket
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May 2019
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Edinburgh master Dave Paton — aka The Wee DJs — makes his Dream Ticket debut with 3 Waves, and his quarter century experience in impish techno chicanery shines through full force. Never has so much goodness been packed into such a slight set of tunes, and 3 Waves goes to prove that with bangers as huge as these, size doesn’t matter. ‘Refried Crisps’ slowly strips away its quick fire rhythms for the measured ‘Crisps’, while the flip side revels in a lush ablution of bass on ‘03april’ before settling into the wily beat of ‘Upheld’. You may find yourself wondering how the time flies.

  1. 1 Refried Crisps The Wee DJs 1:55
  2. 2 Crisps The Wee DJs 1:56
  3. 3 03april The Wee DJs 1:37
  4. 4 Upheld The Wee DJs 1:54

The Wee DJs

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