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Paul Woolford seems to be enjoying himself at the moment. He recently announced the release of four Special Request albums that were made while he loafed about in his underwear; he’s teased the first of the quartet, Vortex, with some daft-genius, fluorescent metal-style cover artwork and a track listing that includes titles like ‘A Gargantuan Melting Face Floating Effortlessly Through The Stratosphere’; and now he’s snuck out this 12” White Label of hardcore techno that teeters on the line between serious and silly.

Of the two types of ‘Vortex’ that appear on the 12", only one of them will make it onto Special Request’s forthcoming LP of the same name. That would be ‘Vortex 150’, named for the fact that it runs at around 150-bpm. This is a relentless slammer full of bit-crushed anti-melodies, system-blowing bass drums and the scattergun breakbeats that have become something of a Special Request trademark. ‘Vortex 150’ is also a new entry into that noble tradition of tracks that have a wheel-up sound included as part of the mix.

On the flipside contains ‘Vortex 135’. As you might have been able to guess from the title, this time we find Woolford bringing the tempo down a few notches. Mind you, the 135-bpm beat doesn’t mean that this version of ‘Vortex’ loses any of its potency. Indeed, the slower clip provides more space in which the booming beats can resonate. File it next to Randomer and Nicolas Bougaïeff.

Whether you’re a ‘135’ or a ‘150’ type of DJ, this pair of Special Request joints are going to tear the club in two.

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  1. 1 Vortex 135bpm 1:30 Special Request
  2. 2 Vortex 150bpm 1:30 Special Request

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