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The Binary Order
Michael O'Neill
The Binary Order
Catalogue Number
Release Date
April 2019
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The Binary Order is the incendiary debut LP from Michael O’Neill (probably not the same one who manages the Northern Ireland men’s football team). On this record O’Neill spits street-level fire and brimstone over ultra-lo-fi punk-hop beats. Sleaford Mods, Farai and the more direct end of Micachu & The Shapes’ work is all recalled by this record of disenfranchised austerity-rap. To paraphrase your local city poet - in five hundred years they’ll play Michael O’Neill’s The Binary Order in museums. Out via the excellent FuckPunk.

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  1. 1 Bleak Northern Roads   Michael O'Neill
  2. 2 One Rule 1:29 Michael O'Neill
  3. 3 Breakneck Pace   Michael O'Neill
  4. 4 Cultural Capital 1:34 Michael O'Neill
  5. 5 Skeleton Convention   Michael O'Neill
  6. 6 Orchestrated Entertainment   Michael O'Neill
  7. 7 Modern Industry   Michael O'Neill
  8. 8 Citizen 107 1:26 Michael O'Neill
  9. 9 Insecure Subordinate   Michael O'Neill
  10. 10 Saddled With Fear 1:43 Michael O'Neill
  11. 11 It Burns   Michael O'Neill


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