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Index Hole
Index Hole
Central Processing Unit
Catalogue Number
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June 2019

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Perhaps best-known for his time running the ICASEA label, here Tom Knapp steps into centre-stage with a new EP as SDEM. As anyone who dabbled with Knapp’s legendary IDM imprint might have expected, Index Hole is a set of mutant electronics and off-centre beats. These tracks never allow you to settle - drums short-circuit before they get going, rhythms glitch all over the place and synths lurch around drunkenly. As a result, tracks that would be head-nodders in the hands of other producers turn into disorientating IDM glitch-outs ala Skam. A highly inventive EP, Index Hole may chart a new course for the Central Processing Unit sound.

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  1. 1 Arc Rail 8:35 SDEM Buy
  2. 2 BX16 4:23 SDEM Buy
  3. 3 Mitherer 5:39 SDEM Buy
  4. 4 6448 5:15 SDEM Buy


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