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Luke Slater
Love Remixes (inc. Burial Remix)
Mote Evolver
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May 31, 2019


More than two decades on from its initial release, Luke Slater’s ‘Love’ remains one of the jewels in his crown. Indeed, such is the continued interest in ‘Love’ that we now find ourselves with a remix EP dedicated entirely to the 1997 jam.

The most eye-catching draw on the Love Remixes EP is an appearance from Burial. Burial’s career has been characterised by a sparing approach to remix duties - you can count the amount he’s turned in on two hands - and as such it’s always of great interest when he does deign to sculpt something from another artist’s work. Burial’s take on ‘Love’ does not disappoint. This is the sort of sombre, greyscale edit we’d expect from Burial, though the fact that the beat owes more to minimal techno than garage is a little surprising.

The rest of the producers involved with Love Remixes all bring their A-game. Slater himself shows up twice - while his ‘Collage Remix’ as The 7th Plain is a piece of stargazing breakbeat-techno, the version he turns in as Planetary Assault Systems chugs along with the drive of PAS’s Ostgut Ton drops. Lucy wins the gong for the hardest track here, beefing up the original’s slamming beat while swapping out its lush synth pads for a disorientating set of bleeps. Marcel Dettmann’s flip is a sleek and sexy shuffle, and Silent Servant plays it differently to how you’d think - this perky, almost exuberant mid-set roller is markedly different to the dark industrialism that Silent Servant is known for.

The Love Remixes EP gives both Luke Slater’s original track and the contributing artists a fresh new look.

A1. Luke Slater - Love (Burial Remix)
A2. Luke Slater - Love (Lucy Remix)
B. Luke Slater - Love (The 7th Plain Collage Remix)
C. Luke Slater - Love (Planetary Assault Systems Low Blow Remix)
D1. Luke Slater - Love (Marcel Dettmann City Remix)
D2. Luke Slater - Love (Silent Servant Remix)

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Love (Burial Remix) 7:24 Buy

    Love (Burial Remix)

  2. 2 Love (Lucy Remix) 6:43 Buy

    Love (Lucy Remix)

  3. 3 Love (The 7th Plain Collage Remix) 16:36 Buy

    Love (The 7th Plain Collage Remix)

  4. 4 Love (Planetary Assault Systems Low Blow Remix) 10:39 Buy

    Love (Planetary Assault Systems Low Blow Remix)

  5. 5 Love (Marcel Dettmann City Remix) 8:03 Buy

    Love (Marcel Dettmann City Remix)

  6. 6 Love (Silent Servant Remix) 4:14 Buy

    Love (Silent Servant Remix)

  7. 7 Love (Marcel Dettmann's Black Gloves Remix) 6:17 Buy

    Love (Marcel Dettmann's Black Gloves Remix)

  8. 8 Love (Scuba's Bagleys Remix) 7:36 Buy

    Love (Scuba's Bagleys Remix)

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