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Guerilla Welfare
The Nature Of Human Nature
Musique Plastique
Catalogue Number
Release Date
April 12, 2019


Active in the late 80’s and early 90’s, the Canadian duo Guerilla Welfare self-released two LPs and a collaborative cassette with the poet Mary Howes during their time. The music they made was some of the most vital post-punk produced in this period - no mean feat considering their peers. Taking the ‘studio as instrument’ technique pioneered by the likes of Brian Eno, the pair mixed punk-funk, dub, anarcho-punk and dance music with an avant-garde flair. The resulting music touches on everything from Arthur Russell to A Certain Ratio to African Head Charge. New Musique Plastique compilation The Nature Of Human Nature collects some of Guerilla Welfare’s most essential cuts.

  1. 1 Melting Pot Guerilla Welfare 1:07
  2. 2 Fear Arises Guerilla Welfare 1:10
  3. 3 Aggression Guerilla Welfare 1:32
  4. 4 Thought Breeds Fear Guerilla Welfare 1:02
  5. 5 Easy Street Guerilla Welfare 1:06
  6. 6 Atom Bomb Guerilla Welfare 1:26
  7. 7 Rock-A-Bye Guerilla Welfare 1:17
  8. 8 I Was Born Guerilla Welfare 1:16
  9. 9 All Things Are Connected Guerilla Welfare 1:21
  10. 10 So, Today... Guerilla Welfare 1:28

Minimal Wave and Post-punk

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Dub, Reggae and Dancehall

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