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Artificial Dance (King Ende Schneafliet, Dr. C. Stein) drop the debut full-length from Jason Letkiewicz’s Opposing Currents. Letkiewicz - also known for his Death Commando/Steve Summers projects and for being a member of Mutant Beat Dance - channels his tech-no-how into a record of Gothic industrialism here. The influence of minimal wave, synth-punk and electronic post-punk are obvious in Mirage Information’s lo-fi stomp, while the EBM force of Nitzer Ebb drives the tracks forward. Letkiewicz’s mate Beau Wanzer would be pleased to have made something like Mirage Information.

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  1. 1 Lying Awake Opposing Currents 1:44
  2. 2 Wasting Time Opposing Currents 1:26
  3. 3 Dissolve Opposing Currents 1:43
  4. 4 Eyes Down Opposing Currents 1:09
  5. 5 Shallow Graves Opposing Currents 1:45
  6. 6 Hidden Motives Opposing Currents 1:44
  7. 7 It Awaits Opposing Currents 1:45

Artificial Dance

Minimal Wave and Post-punk

Electronic and Electronica

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