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Joe Snape
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April 2019
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Four years after debuting on Slip Records with the song suite Brittle Love, Joe Snape returns to the label with a new collection. On Joyrobix he takes the faux-naif computer music aesthetic that came through on Brittle Love further than he has previously. This is a record in which Snape appears to deconstruct his style even as he creates with it - lyrics are replaced with impressionistic vocalisations, chords slip-slide over one another and rhythms come apart as quickly as they coalesce. It makes for an oddly beguiling listen, one that has that curious quality we also find in the work of Eric Chenaux and Snape’s Slip labelmate Micachu.

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  1. 1 Transfigurenation 2:00 Joe Snape
  2. 2 Behind Glass 1:10 Joe Snape
  3. 3 S'vive Urself 1:19 Joe Snape
  4. 4 Grapefruit 1:20 Joe Snape
  5. 5 Buried In America 2:00 Joe Snape
  6. 6 Matter With 1:05 Joe Snape
  7. 7 Perspex Feels 2:00 Joe Snape
  8. 8 Arteries 2:00 Joe Snape
  9. 9 Joyrobix 2:00 Joe Snape
  10. 10 Plus One 0:53 Joe Snape

Joe Snape


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