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Zombi/Miracle fellow Steve Moore drops his first non-soundtrack LP in more than half a decade. In turning away from the demands of composing for screen Moore has at once liberated his sound and found a way to bring the scope of his cinematic compositions to bear on a standalone record. Anchored by thick synth pads, these tracks allow the performers to meander along until they uncover beautiful harmonies, dreamy harp melodies or propulsive rhythms. It brings artists like Tim Hecker and Visible Cloaks to mind. Beloved Exile was created in collaboration with Emel Mathlouthi, Mary Lattimore, John Darnielle and Jeff Gretz.

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  1. 1 Your Sentries Will Be Met with Force 5:27 Steve Moore Buy
  2. 2 In the Shelter of the Dunes 5:15 Steve Moore Buy
  3. 3 Beloved Exile 5:25 Steve Moore Buy
  4. 4 Throne Lane 5:08 Steve Moore Buy
  5. 5 My Time Among the Snake Lords 15:35 Steve Moore

Steve Moore

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