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Archives 1/3
Geins’t Naït
Archives 1/3
Editions Gravats
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April 2019
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Low Jack’s Editions Gravats label (Clara!, Krikor Kouchian) drop the first in a trio of releases focussing on industrial group Geins't Naït. Archives 1/3 presents tracks made by the duo between in their fruitful 1986-1993 period. Starting out from a base of experimental and abrasive electronics, the numbers here work in influences from minimal synth, dub, techno and musique concrete. Touchpoints for Geins't Naït’s Archives 1/3 include Muslimgauze, Jay Glass Dubs and King Midas Sound.

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  1. 1 Fix 2:00 Geins’t Naït
  2. 2 Cameo 2:00 Geins’t Naït
  3. 3 Quivala 2:00 Geins’t Naït
  4. 4 Computer Bit 2:00 Geins’t Naït
  5. 5 La Plus Belle De Tout Le Quartier 2:00 Geins’t Naït
  6. 6 Caramel 1:18 Geins’t Naït
  7. 7 Rossi Aldo 2:00 Geins’t Naït
  8. 8 ABS TRAC 1 2:00 Geins’t Naït
  9. 9 Roman 2:00 Geins’t Naït
  10. 10 Boutons D'Or et Coquelicots 1:54 Geins’t Naït
  11. 11 Dimanche 2:00 Geins’t Naït

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