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Body Count
Maenad Veyl
Body Count
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Release Date
April 2019
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Ostensibly the fruit of years’ experience on veteran producer Thomas Feriero’s part, the debut LP of his Maenad Veyl project nonetheless seems borne spontaneously from a thick pool of tar. Body Count is a menacing collection of all killer no filler relentlessness, electrified and electrifying EBM for a generation on the blink. It’s all a wash of darkness and uncontrolled movement, like being held hostage in the boot of a madman’s car.

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  1. 1 Bleak 5:20 Maenad Veyl Buy
  2. 2 Unhealed 4:33 Maenad Veyl Buy
  3. 3 The Adversary 4:05 Maenad Veyl Buy
  4. 4 They Belonged With The Others 5:00 Maenad Veyl Buy
  5. 5 From Body To Body 5:34 Maenad Veyl Buy
  6. 6 Silent Blood 3:09 Maenad Veyl Buy
  7. 7 Twelve Regions 4:44 Maenad Veyl Buy
  8. 8 Out Of Sight 5:11 Maenad Veyl Buy
  9. 9 Heart Of A Machine 2:09 Maenad Veyl Buy
  10. 10 Solipsism (& Other Comforts) 5:03 Maenad Veyl Buy
  11. 11 Like A Locust 5:15 Maenad Veyl Buy
  12. 12 Permanent Disrepair 4:05 Maenad Veyl Buy

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