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Gently fading into focus once again on label Music From Memory is Spanish composer Suso Saiz with Nothing Is Objective, the follow-up to 2016’s mesmeric Rainworks. A sure-headed document of an artist fully embodying his craft, Nothing Is Objective, much as its title suggests, invokes a certain resolve towards constant transformation; not merely in its fluctuating tones and haar-coated ambiguity — who can say what we’re hearing is either organic or computed? — but also in its nomadic embrace of the unknowable. ‘Abrazo Mirando’ generates a vast landscape at once anxious and serene, drawing on the links of mutually-disagreeable emotions. Meanwhile, the Christian Fennesz collaboration ‘Dulce’ assuredly defers a gratifying crescendo. This is ambient music blown wide open.

  1. 1 Meccano Suso Saiz 3:28
  2. 2 Anti-stress For Babies And Families Suso Saiz 8:00
  3. 3 Con Los Ojos Suso Saiz 3:54
  4. 4 Abrazo Mirando Suso Saiz 5:14
  5. 5 Mexican Bells Suso Saiz 9:30
  6. 6 Grounded Suso Saiz 8:18
  7. 7 Minimal Distance Suso Saiz 3:02
  8. 8 Una Voz Suso Saiz 3:55
  9. 9 Objective Void Suso Saiz 3:27
  10. 10 Dulce Suso Saiz 6:04
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Suso Saiz

Music From Memory

Ambient and Modern Classical

Electronic and Electronica

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