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Jag Trax
DJ Jenifa
Jag Trax
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March 2019
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DJ Jenifa is a new project from Derwin Dicker, an artist you’ll probably know better by the name of Gold Panda. Jag Trax is the debut DJ Jenifa collection and the project’s original intention was for Dicker to make tunes that would sound good while he drove his car. While he claims that he hasn’t had a chance to road-test Jag Trax yet, we’re in no doubt that these sample-house cuts will sound great on road. From opener ‘Dresscode’ - previously spotted on a 2016 Mule Musiq EP - to closing number ‘Neverlearn’, the tracks here are perfect sunset slammers that draw equally from Basement Jaxx, dJJ, Jan Jelinek and Theo Parrish.

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  1. 1 Dresscode 5:20 DJ Jenifa Buy
  2. 2 Tuesday 5:52 DJ Jenifa Buy
  3. 3 Trainfilters2 5:38 DJ Jenifa Buy
  4. 4 Whocares808_7B 4:37 DJ Jenifa Buy
  5. 5 MLL 6:00 DJ Jenifa Buy
  6. 6 ES1A31Flora 5:36 DJ Jenifa Buy
  7. 7 Whyileft122 5:06 DJ Jenifa Buy
  8. 8 TuesdaySTRINGSMIX 5:12 DJ Jenifa Buy
  9. 9 Neverlearn 5:12 DJ Jenifa Buy


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