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Daniel Avery
Song For Alpha Remixes - One (Manni Dee / Anastasia Kristensen / Patrick Russell)
Phantasy Sound
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March 21, 2019


Some of the choicest morsels from Daniel Avery’s excellent Song For Alpha LP get the remix treatment. In its original form ‘Citizen/Nowhere’ was a halcyon-glow, sun coming up, end of the night sort of affair, but Manni Dee has other designs for it. Dee’s remix transforms the track into a pummelling hard dance masterpiece replete with colossal kicks and needling trance synths. The eerie, Orb-like ‘Glitter’ is given an injection of energy by Anastasia Kristensen, and the first Song For Alpha Remixes EP closes out with Patrick Russell’s take on ‘Diminuendo’. Russell’s new version bolts a snappy electro groove onto the original’s whirring warehouse effects. It’s the sort of thing you can imagine DJ Stingray having a lot of fun with.

  1. 1 Citizen/Nowhere (Manni Dee remix) 1:30
  2. 2 Glitter (Anatasia Kristensen remix) 1:30
  3. 3 Diminuendo (Patrick Russell remix) 1:30

Daniel Avery

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