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Brainwaltzera has to be one of the most idiosyncratic producers currently plying their trade in the field of electronic music. He’s a slippery customer - no-one really knows who’s behind the slew of excellent records that have borne the Brainwaltzera brand these past couple of years, and information about the artist is scarce. Something of a Braindance Burial, if you will.

What has always been beyond dispute is the quality of Brainwaltzera’s output, and new EP The Kids Are AI is true to form on that count. Being back on familiar soil in the form of Analogical Force - the label was behind his previous EPs Bunker and Outdives - gives Brainwaltzera the freedom to test the boundaries of his sound.

To do this he looks back in order to move forward. As is often the case with Brainwaltzera releases, The Kids Are AI is steeped in the sounds of late-90’s/early-00’s Warp and Rephlex. Snippy drum machines either coast coolly or build to frenzies at higher tempos; warm modular arpeggios sometimes wash over the tunes; reverb-heavy pads à la Boards Of Canada provide the mix with depth and colour. Brainwaltzera’s trick is to repurpose this sonic aesthetic and turn it from retro-futurist to simply futurist. ‘Polter Seesaw 1 & 2 (Left Of Grounds)’ almost crosses over into PC Music territory, while closing cut ‘Vehemton Jardin’ could pass for an alternate take of Radiohead’s ‘Lotus Flower’ due to its somnambulant keyboards and forthright bass.

While we may never know who’s behind the Brainwaltzera mask, all we would ask them is that they don’t stop making tracks.

  1. 1 Tims Brainwaltzera 1:43
  2. 2 Maramu (Still Dry No Outboard) Brainwaltzera 1:46
  3. 3 Melting Pot Vertical Spacebar Brainwaltzera 1:45
  4. 4 Buggy Isotope V2 Brainwaltzera 1:46
  5. 5 Polter Seesaw 1 & 2 (Left Of Grounds) Brainwaltzera 1:47
  6. 6 Vehemton Jardin Brainwaltzera 1:47


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