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Metro Crowd
Maple Death Records
Catalogue Number
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March 2019
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Planning:, the second LP from Metro Crowd, is music fitting of an amended phrase, “post-industrial music for post-industrial people”. Marking a formidable meeting of the minds, the furious post-punk four-piece consist of the combined powers of the genre-flexible Roma scene — featuring Gabor of minimal synth duo Holiday Inn, Ludovico T of hardcore ruffians Sect Mark, Mai Mai Mai mastermind Toni Cutrone, and illustrator Vic Sinex. Planning: — implying some kind of itinerary, a scheme — swirls in fiery, labyrinthine fashion, like the harnessed frustration of a million subway commuters, departed from their tiny office cubicles, now trapped in crowded, sweaty carriages, dreaming of more.

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  1. 1 Gas In A Wagon 0:30 Metro Crowd
  2. 2 Infrared Sauna 0:30 Metro Crowd
  3. 3 Insect Doner 0:30 Metro Crowd
  4. 4 AC Quarantine 0:30 Metro Crowd
  5. 5 Student 0:30 Metro Crowd
  6. 6 A Dreamless Sleep 0:30 Metro Crowd
  7. 7 Travel Care 0:30 Metro Crowd
  8. 8 Arlene 0:30 Metro Crowd
  9. 9 L-Fields 0:30 Metro Crowd

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