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Visions / Release
Dennis Young
Visions / Release
Daehan Electronics
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Release Date
April 2019
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Recorded among many other cassette-only releases after his no wave group Liquid Liquid disbanded in 1983, marimba player and percussionist Dennis Young’s warm and winsome Visions / Release was originally conceived as a composition for dance. With a gracious hand from South Korean label Daehan Electronics, this hot commodity finally makes its way onto vinyl. You won’t find much New Age music this sprightly or shot through with new wave exuberance.

  1. 1 Dreamland Dennis Young 0:47
  2. 2 Shangri-La Dennis Young 0:43
  3. 3 Eastern Skies Dennis Young 0:42
  4. 4 Volcano Cathedral Dennis Young 0:45
  5. 5 Indonesia Eyes Dennis Young 0:40
  6. 6 Lawrence Of Arabia Dennis Young 0:38
  7. 7 Olympus Mons Dennis Young 0:27

Dennis Young

Daehan Electronics

Ambient and Modern Classical

Library and Field Recordings

Experimental and Noise

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