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No One Can Do It Better
No One Can Do It Better
Get On Down
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March 2019
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Nowadays not as many people know about The D.O.C. as they should. An affiliate of N.W.A., the LA MC was on his route to stardom before a serious car accident stalled his rise toward the end of 1989. The record he made five months prior to that crash, No One Can Do It Better, is important for many reasons. It’s the first LP that saw Dr. Dre step out on his own as a beatmaker; closer ‘The Grand Finale’ is the final time Ice Cube, M.C. Ren and Eazy-E would lay down bars together; and in terms of pure rapping ability The D.O.C. was arguably the best in California at that time. When he said No One Can Do It Better, he wasn’t playing. This new reissue presents the album on vinyl for the first time in a quarter of a century.

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  1. 1 It's Funky Enough 2:00 The DOC
  2. 2 Mind Blowin 2:00 The DOC
  3. 3 Lend Me An Ear 2:00 The DOC
  4. 4 Comm Blues 1:11 The DOC
  5. 5 Let The Bass Go 2:00 The DOC
  6. 6 Beautiful But Deadly 2:00 The DOC
  7. 7 The DOC & The Doctor 2:00 The DOC
  8. 8 No One Can Do It Better 2:00 The DOC
  9. 9 Whirlwind Pyramid 2:00 The DOC
  10. 10 Comm 2 0:37 The DOC
  11. 11 The Formula 2:00 The DOC
  12. 12 Portrait Of A Master Piece 1:15 The DOC
  13. 13 The Grand Finale 2:00 The DOC

Get On Down

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