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A Place Of Solace
A Place Of Solace
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March 2019
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The music of Belgian composer Jachym Vandenabeele — aka Aponogeton — positively glows with the inner light of human empathy. Finished upon the completion of a philosophy degree, simply calling A Place of Solace an ambient album would be a grave disservice; the album is a shimmering example of how the artist holds inner life and outer existence as an indivisible whole; a ‘new new age’ treatise. “A Quiet Place” and “Consolation For Martiška” are vestibules of comfort for composer and listener, a communal space of closeness. Meanwhile, “This Concerns You” and “Hardness and Strength Are the Companions of Death” dislocate and shock. The guiding hand of Vandenabeele oversees the lot.

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  1. 1 Prologue 1:02 Aponogeton
  2. 2 A Date With The Zone 1:24 Aponogeton
  3. 3 The Night Sky Is Falling (Sizth Seal) 1:25 Aponogeton
  4. 4 This Concerns You 1:26 Aponogeton
  5. 5 Hardness & Strength Are The Companions Of Death 1:23 Aponogeton
  6. 6 Artemievs Dream Or: The Metaphysical Horror Of An Unpredictable World 1:02 Aponogeton
  7. 7 A Quiet Place 1:23 Aponogeton
  8. 8 Consolation For Martiska 1:16 Aponogeton


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