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Vital Impetus
Various Artists
Vital Impetus
Catalogue Number
Release Date
March 2019
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June and Trenton Chase’s June Records open the doors to a whole host of newcomers on this compilation. Vital Impetus doesn’t care who you are or what your story is so long as you come through with something strange and sexy. As such, this record puts a seasoned industrial/minimal-wave operator in Alessandro Adriani (Mannequin Records) alongside debutants like Lbeeze. Whether they’re scene veterans or just starting out, everyone here brings their A-game to play here. From the avant-coldwave of the Penelope’s Fiance cuts to Morah’s Gothic synth malfunction ‘Shadow Of Night’, all the tracks on Vital Impetus are a dark thrill.

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  1. 1 Lbeeze - "Racked" 1:55 Various Artists
  2. 2 Raum-Zeit - "Nitro Buggy" 1:52 Various Artists
  3. 3 Alessandro Adriani - "Nazir Al-Samt" 1:56 Various Artists
  4. 4 Morah - "Shadow Of Night" 1:56 Various Artists
  5. 5 Alessandro Adriani - "Mukabala" 1:56 Various Artists
  6. 6 Penelope's Fiance - "Foreshadowing Of The Upcoming War" 1:56 Various Artists
  7. 7 Penelope's Fiance - "She Asked For Fire But She Didn't Wanna Get Burned" 1:56 Various Artists
  8. 8 Outermost & Venus Volcanism - "Snake Goddess" 1:56 Various Artists


Minimal Wave and Post-punk

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