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Velvet Desert Music, Vol. 1
Various Artists
Velvet Desert Music, Vol. 1
Catalogue Number
Kompakt CD 152 D
Release Date
March 2019
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Velvet Desert Music Vol. 1 introduces a new compilation series on Kompakt, curated by one of Cologne’s leading figures in electronic music, Jörg Burger (aka The Modernist, The Bionaut, Burger/Ink and many more). Velvet Desert Music Vol. 1 combines elements of rock, folk, country, surf, krautrock and psychedelic in contemporary electronic music.

Velvet Desert Music Vol. 1 features unreleased music and mixes from Matias Aguayo/Terrapin, Fantastic Twins, Paulor, Rebolledo, Sascha Funke & Cosmo Vitelli, Superpitcher, The Modernist and more.

The concept shares some similarities to Kompakt’s Pop Ambient series as unlike a conventional compilation of tracks from different artists, Velvet Desert Music Vol.1 is a collection of music that creates a distinct vibe and atmosphere.

Jörg Burger is responsible for the concept and selection. The styles of music presented on Velvet Desert Music Vol. 1 play a crucial role and influence in his work for many years. Now he has created a platform for these styles. Beside showcasing his own music, Jörg Burger kept to inviting a close circle of friends and colleagues that share similar influences in their work. All of their contributions were specially composed or remixed for this collection.

Velvet Desert Music Vol. 1 features the first new Burger/Ink track since the release of their iconic full length “Las Vegas” on Harvest and Matador Records in 1996.

“Just think…from Sergio Leone to David Lynch, from Elvis in his deepest moments to Johnny Cash somewhere between amphetamine backlash and American Recordings, from Hollywood Babylon to Hotel California, from Mulholland Drive to Paris, Texas. Served with a pinch of Tago Mago and Pink Floyd at Pompeii. Then you know exactly what Velvet Desert Music is about…“ – JÖRG BURGER

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  1. 1 Cirrus Minor (The Black Frame Extract) 3:32 Terrapin
  2. 2 Magic Lantern (Velvet Edit) 5:23 The Modernist
  3. 3 Memphisto 5:14 burger/ink
  4. 4 The Gain Of Loss 4:37 The Novotones
  5. 5 Welt 10 (Jorg Burger Mix) 5:56 Cologne Tape
  6. 6 Arrival 5:01 Paulor
  7. 7 Pilgrims 6:28 Fantastic Twins
  8. 8 Beatmesse Pt.2 3:58 Jorg Burger
  9. 9 Mountain Eagle (The Black Frame Desert Mix) 6:34 Rebolledo / The Novotones
  10. 10 Faithful Hessian Walks Into Ada's Bar (Jorg Burger Remix) 4:04 METOPE
  11. 11 Redfern Address (In Memory Of Vision) 6:05 Paul Mac
  12. 12 Botzaris 5:18 Sascha Funke / Cosmo Vitelli
  13. 13 Far From Home (Superpitcher Mix) 7:45 Kenneth James Gibson
  14. 14 Noir State Beach (The Modernist Mix) 5:39 Xu Xu Fang
  15. 15 Encore 4:23 The Velvet Orchestra


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