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Yung Lean
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February 2019
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Back in 2012, Swedish rapper Jonatan Leandoer Håstad made for an unlikely overnight superstar. With a vague air of mystery and misery beyond his years, Håstad came into his own as Yung Lean during the humble beginnings of “cloud rap”, a genre characterised by lugubrious delivery and big room reverb (facets of which eventually bled through into mainstream pop). Making good on the promises of Unknown Memory and Warlord, his third LP Stranger sees the sad boy slipping headfirst into maturity.

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  1. 1 Muddy Sea 2:00 Yung Lean
  2. 2 Red Bottom Sky 2:00 Yung Lean
  3. 3 Skimask 2:00 Yung Lean
  4. 4 Silver Arrows 2:00 Yung Lean
  5. 5 Metallic Intuition 2:00 Yung Lean
  6. 6 Push/Lost Weekend 2:00 Yung Lean
  7. 7 Salute/Pacman 2:00 Yung Lean
  8. 8 Drop It/Scooter 2:00 Yung Lean
  9. 9 Hunting My Own Skin 2:00 Yung Lean
  10. 10 Iceman 2:00 Yung Lean
  11. 11 Snakeskin/Bullets 1:07 Yung Lean
  12. 12 Fallen Demon 2:00 Yung Lean
  13. 13 Agony 2:00 Yung Lean
  14. 14 Yellowman 2:00 Yung Lean

Yung Lean


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