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GPS Poetics
Blood Music
GPS Poetics
The Wormhole
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February 2019

Simon Pomery is a London-based, Irish-born creator who appears here as under his Blood Music moniker. The name is derived from an English translation of the Japanese word ‘Kodo’, held to also mean ‘mind-before-thought’ or ‘music heard in the womb’. GPS Poetics, his first work released on The Wormhole, sees Pomery extrapolate on his recent research on the poetry of Fred Moten and the aleatoric approaches of John Cage, melding sound and text into a guiding principle for the Anthropocene.

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  1. 1 There Is No Centre and There Never Was 2:00 Blood Music
  2. 2 I Like to Enjoy Myself 2:00 Blood Music
  3. 3 What About the Punk Thing 2:00 Blood Music
  4. 4 Play from Your Fucking Heart 1:34 Blood Music
  5. 5 Glitz Mercury 2:00 Blood Music
  6. 6 Zero Hours 0:48 Blood Music
  7. 7 Banjul Taiko 2:00 Blood Music
  8. 8 Voice Voice Voice Voice Voice Voice 2:00 Blood Music
  9. 9 Ipomoea Violacea 2:00 Blood Music
  10. 10 The Table the Table the Table the Table 2:00 Blood Music

Blood Music

The Wormhole

Experimental and Noise

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