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Lust For Life
Sun Runners
Lust For Life
Apron Records
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February 2019
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Lord Tusk releases a new full-length under the moniker Sun Runners 女神の恋人達 (Goddess Lovers). Lust For Life - which has nothing to do with with the Iggy Pop record of the same name - is a collection of maximal and retrotastic synth-funk. Replete with crashing snares, chunky bass tones and clanging keyboards, Lust For Life is a perfectly-realised collection of hypnagogic pop. Think Toro Y Moi. The purposely grainy recording quality adds to the ‘80s vibe of the tunes here. It makes complete sense that Lust For Life is coming out on Steven Julien’s Apron Records (John T. Gast, AshTreJinkins).

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Lust For Life Sun Runners 1:43 Buy
  2. 2 What Goes Around Comes Around Sun Runners 3:51 Buy
  3. 3 Foreplayin Sun Runners 1:43 Buy
  4. 4 Champions Sun Runners 1:32 Buy
  5. 5 Shadow of a Lonely Man Sun Runners 2:23 Buy
  6. 6 Crucial Sun Runners 3:21 Buy
  7. 7 Higher Love Sun Runners 4:16 Buy
  8. 8 Vanessa Finesse Sun Runners 1:09 Buy
  9. 9 Divine (Interlude) Sun Runners 1:59 Buy
  10. 10 Long Tings Sun Runners 2:02 Buy
  11. 11 Can't Wait Sun Runners 3:09 Buy
  12. 12 She's On Her Way Sun Runners 2:59 Buy
  13. 13 Goddess Is Born Sun Runners 3:15 Buy
  14. 14 Always Be Your G Sun Runners 3:58 Buy
  15. 15 She Likes Teasing (Bonus) Sun Runners 3:40 Buy

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