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Futuro (Music For The Waldorf Project)
Not Waving
Futuro (Music For The Waldorf Project)
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February 2019
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Not Waving is back on Ecstatic (Jay Glass Dubs, L/F/D/M) with a set of incidental music. The tracks on Futuro were originally conceived to accompany Sean Rogg’s art/theatre piece The Waldorf Project. Largely eschewing percussion of any sort, the pieces here instead drift off into a world of pattering fm keys, distorted ambiences and gurgling synthesisers. Think Laurie Spiegel, Abul Mogard, and maybe a little Oval.

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  1. 1 Emotion 1.7 Cleanse 6:53 Not Waving Buy
  2. 2 Emotion 1.4 Decontamination 5:21 Not Waving Buy
  3. 3 Transitions 2/3 Alarm Sound 5:20 Not Waving Buy
  4. 4 Blue 6:20 Not Waving Buy
  5. 5 Purple 5:55 Not Waving Buy
  6. 6 Emotion 7.6 6:57 Not Waving Buy
  7. 7 Level 2 Importance 3:23 Not Waving Buy
  8. 8 Orange 4:49 Not Waving Buy
  9. 9 Red 7:23 Not Waving Buy
  10. 10 Emotion 7.7 Communion 17:10 Not Waving Buy

Not Waving


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