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Coil Records
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February 2019
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Our wait is over - after almost a decade of twiddling our thumbs we finally getting an LP from Murlo! The first thing to mention about Dolos is that it’s accompanied by a graphic novel that Murlo himself has made, and the magic-realist tale within proves a perfect partner to the music. Anyone familiar with Murlo’s work will instantly feel at home when they put this album on. After a lush intro, opener ‘Evaporate’ soon bursts into life and blitzes you with beats and melody. Murlo’s sound has always been a unique combination of styles - grime, house, UK funky and dancehall all make their presence felt in his tunes - but on Dolos Murlo finds a way to keep things fresh over the course of a full-length record. He does this by mixing classic hyperactive club takes (‘Fauna’, ‘Herne’s Hollow’) with dreamy forays into weightless grime, cinematic choral composition and synth ambience (‘Watching The Sun Through Eyelids’, ‘Furies’ Call’). As such, Dolos’ closest musical relative is probably Jam City’s Classical Curves.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Evaporate 3:19 Murlo Buy
  2. 2 Fauna 3:17 Murlo Buy
  3. 3 Breeze 3:05 Murlo Buy
  4. 4 Herne's Hollow 3:30 Murlo Buy
  5. 5 Romance 3:16 Murlo Buy
  6. 6 Ascension 3:21 Murlo Buy
  7. 7 Watching The Sun Through Eyelids 3:28 Murlo Buy
  8. 8 Let Me Feel 3:51 Murlo Buy
  9. 9 Ferment 4:21 Murlo Buy
  10. 10 Outer Body 3:32 Murlo Buy
  11. 11 End Of The Road 3:30 Murlo Buy
  12. 12 Limbo 3:44 Murlo Buy
  13. 13 Furies' Call 3:46 Murlo Buy
  14. 14 Goodbyes 2:59 Murlo Buy
  15. 15 Peace 2:42 Murlo Buy


Coil Records

Grime and Weightless

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