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Gossiwor (John T Gast & Boli)
Domestic Saga
5 Gate Temple
Catalogue Number
Release Date
February 1, 2019

Three of the very best moments from John T. Gast and Boli Group's Lighthouse (USB) LP arrive on the shores (and shelves) of vinyl addicts everywhere with a very much essential 12" edition. Leaving behind any traces of drums and sailing directly into the murky mists, the pair has seen fit to commit Domestic Saga #2 (All Is Lost), Ava Maria and Thank You Lord into both wax and deep waters. Each track is just pure gold, combining the very best terminator techno atmospherics of Gast with Boli Groups' orchestra arrangements for Posh Isolation, the collaboration results in some serious Druid drones and sea salt grime, making for easily one of the most satisfying and mystifying 5 Gate Temple releases yet. As essential as oxygen!

  1. 1 Domestic Saga #2 (All Is Lost) 1:23
  2. 2 Ava Maria 1:08
  3. 3 Thank You Lord 1:00

Gossiwor (John T Gast & Boli)

5 Gate Temple

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