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Hoodoo Fushimi
Good Find Records
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January 2019
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Hawk-eyed label Good Find Records outdo themselves with this jagged gem. Hoodoo Fushimi’s totally bonkers 1992 LP Kusaya - appropriately named after a Japanese style fermented fish - is a salty, briny blend of far-out hip hop, glass-shattering New Jack Swing-adjacent beats, and frenetic plunderphonics. Recalling the ‘fourth world’ classicism of Ryuichi Sakamoto 80s work spiralling into a two week bender, cuts like ‘Minna Soudesho!’ and ‘Poi Poi Bushi’ are like observing the manic, late night channel-hopping of a wired insomniac. Calling Kusaya a classic would be too quotidian; this thing grabs you by the lapels and slaps your cheeks raw.

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  1. 1 Minna Soudesho! 0:30 Hoodoo Fushimi
  2. 2 Baiben Ondo 0:30 Hoodoo Fushimi
  3. 3 Takara No Shima 0:30 Hoodoo Fushimi
  4. 4 Kinokogumo Ga Mieruhimade 0:30 Hoodoo Fushimi
  5. 5 Hera Hera 0:30 Hoodoo Fushimi
  6. 6 Poi Poi Bushi 0:30 Hoodoo Fushimi
  7. 7 Rettou Ningen 0:30 Hoodoo Fushimi
  8. 8 Shinsekai Chitsujo No Otetsudai 0:30 Hoodoo Fushimi
  9. 9 Jimoto No Kouho 0:30 Hoodoo Fushimi
  10. 10 Sokushi Wa Shinai Doku 0:30 Hoodoo Fushimi
  11. 11 Motto Itte 0:30 Hoodoo Fushimi
  12. 12 Datsuannyuou Kansei 0:30 Hoodoo Fushimi
  13. 13 Minna Soudesho! (part 2) 0:30 Hoodoo Fushimi
  14. 14 Encore 0:30 Hoodoo Fushimi

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