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Songs Without Throats
Paul DeMarinis
Songs Without Throats
Black Truffle
Catalogue Number
Black Truffle 041
Release Date
February 2019
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A pioneering figure in 70s electronic music, selected works by Paul DeMarinis are collected to form Songs Without Throats. Bridging the gap between the consumer electronics boom and the radical avant-garde — premeditating the likes of Oneohtrix Point Never and Holly Herndon — DeMarinis’ compositions utilise hacked electronic devices such as a Speak n’ Spell. Featuring collaborations with singer and tamboura player Anne Klingensmith, Songs Without Throats is a mind-bending mix of vintage futurism and unexpected comedy.

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  1. 1 If God Were Alive (& He Is) You Could Reach Him By Telephone 0:59 Paul DeMarinis
  2. 2 R4T 0:59 Paul DeMarinis
  3. 3 Et Tu, Klaatu 0:59 Paul DeMarinis
  4. 4 Eenie Meenie Chillie Beenie 0:59 Paul DeMarinis
  5. 5 Novena 0:59 Paul DeMarinis
  6. 6 Mind Power 0:59 Paul DeMarinis
  7. 7 Yellow Yankee 0:59 Paul DeMarinis
  8. 8 I Want You 0:58 Paul DeMarinis
  9. 9 Vocal Variety 0:59 Paul DeMarinis
  10. 10 Kokole 0:59 Paul DeMarinis
  11. 11 Cincinnati 1830-1850 0:59 Paul DeMarinis
  12. 12 Edison's Piano 0:59 Paul DeMarinis
  13. 13 The Lecture Of Comrade Stalin At The Extraordinary 8th Plenary Congress About The Draft Concept Of The Constitution Of The Soviet Union On November 25, 1936 0:58 Paul DeMarinis

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