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L'Univers De La Mer
Dominique Guiot
L'Univers De La Mer
we release whatever the fuck we want
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January 2019
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From the moment you set eyes on its spellbinding cover and hear the first whistling of ‘Wind Surf Ballad’, you know you’re in for a trip with Dominique Guiot’s L’Univers De La Mer. Released by the French composer in 1978, and since regarded as a coveted rarity, L’Univers De La Mer is a pure and simple, madcap prog rock trip via the bottom of the ocean, the medieval plains and the deepest reaches of space.

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  1. 1 Wind Surf Ballad 2:26 Dominique Guiot Buy
  2. 2 La Danse Des Méduses 2:39 Dominique Guiot Buy
  3. 3 Une Ballade Pour Une Goélette 1:19 Dominique Guiot Buy
  4. 4 Les Deux Poissons 2:58 Dominique Guiot Buy
  5. 5 Ballet Amoureux Des Dauphins 2:26 Dominique Guiot Buy
  6. 6 Les Pingouins S'Amusent 2:45 Dominique Guiot Buy
  7. 7 Destination Inconnue 3:28 Dominique Guiot Buy
  8. 8 Iceberg En Voyage 3:33 Dominique Guiot Buy
  9. 9 L'Univers De La Mer 3:26 Dominique Guiot Buy
  10. 10 Alerte En Mer 2:55 Dominique Guiot Buy
  11. 11 Les Émigrants De La Mer 3:41 Dominique Guiot Buy
  12. 12 À La Découverte D'Une Amphore 2:44 Dominique Guiot Buy

we release whatever the fuck we want

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