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Hundreds of Days Remixes
Mary Lattimore
Hundreds of Days Remixes
Ghostly International
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January 2019
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Mary Lattimore’s Hundreds Of Days LP was one of the most winning records of 2018. With instruments such as electric guitar, piano and synthesisers incorporated into her harp-based sound, the tracks on the album were always going to be fertile ground for potential remixes. This new LP sees a range of artists that includes Julianna Barwick and Jonsi all take a stab at reworking Lattimore’s originals. As one might expect, the glorious source material leads the artists here to make similarly beautiful work, be they operating in the field of dream-pop (Inlets), electroacoustic composition (Alex Somers) or ambient (Steve Moore).

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  1. 1 It Feels Like Floating (Jónsi Remix) 23:25 Mary Lattimore
  2. 2 Never Saw Him Again (Julianna Barwick Remix) 8:07 Mary Lattimore Buy
  3. 3 Hello from the Edge of the Earth (Kjartan Holm Remix) 6:05 Mary Lattimore Buy
  4. 4 Baltic Birch (Steve Moore Remix) 7:16 Mary Lattimore Buy
  5. 5 Baltic Birch (Paul Corley Remix) 6:20 Mary Lattimore Buy
  6. 6 Their Faces Streaked with Light and Filled with Pity (Sin Fang x Memryloss Remix) 5:22 Mary Lattimore Buy
  7. 7 On the Day You Saw the Dead Whale (Alex Somers Remix) 8:54 Mary Lattimore Buy
  8. 8 Wind Carries Seed (King Britt Medicinal Remix) 8:52 Mary Lattimore Buy
  9. 9 Be My Four Eyes (Japanese Bonus Track) [Inlets Remix] 3:46 Mary Lattimore Buy

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