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Mary Lattimore
Hundreds of Days Remixes
Ghostly International
Catalogue Number
Release Date
January 25, 2019


Mary Lattimore’s Hundreds Of Days LP was one of the most winning records of 2018. With instruments such as electric guitar, piano and synthesisers incorporated into her harp-based sound, the tracks on the album were always going to be fertile ground for potential remixes. This new LP sees a range of artists that includes Julianna Barwick and Jonsi all take a stab at reworking Lattimore’s originals. As one might expect, the glorious source material leads the artists here to make similarly beautiful work, be they operating in the field of dream-pop (Inlets), electroacoustic composition (Alex Somers) or ambient (Steve Moore).

Digital Track List

  1. 1 It Feels Like Floating (Jónsi Remix) 23:25
  2. 2 Never Saw Him Again (Julianna Barwick Remix) 8:07 Buy
  3. 3 Hello from the Edge of the Earth (Kjartan Holm Remix) 6:05 Buy
  4. 4 Baltic Birch (Steve Moore Remix) 7:16 Buy
  5. 5 Baltic Birch (Paul Corley Remix) 6:20 Buy
  6. 6 Their Faces Streaked with Light and Filled with Pity (Sin Fang x Memryloss Remix) 5:22 Buy
  7. 7 On the Day You Saw the Dead Whale (Alex Somers Remix) 8:54 Buy
  8. 8 Wind Carries Seed (King Britt Medicinal Remix) 8:52 Buy
  9. 9 Be My Four Eyes (Japanese Bonus Track) [Inlets Remix] 3:46 Buy

Mary Lattimore

Ghostly International

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