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Unseen Worlds
Laurie Spiegel
Unseen Worlds
Unseen Worlds
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January 2019
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Given that the label set to issue Laurie Spiegel’s LP Unseen Worlds folded before the album could be issued, it’s a real wonder that the record has made it to the wider public at all. Now finally released on vinyl for the first time, the follow-up to 1980’s highly influential The Expanding Universe was conceived via a computer synthesiser that Spiegel built for herself. The ‘Music Mouse’ as Spiegel christened it remains a favourite among synth-heads the world over, but few have managed to make it sound as special as its creator. Across the movements of Unseen Worlds, Spiegel offers up alien drones and soundscapes of uncanny beauty.

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  1. 1 Three Sonic Spaces I 1:36 Laurie Spiegel Buy
  2. 2 Three Sonic Spaces II 3:22 Laurie Spiegel Buy
  3. 3 Three Sonic Spaces III 5:53 Laurie Spiegel Buy
  4. 4 Finding Voice 2:45 Laurie Spiegel Buy
  5. 5 The Hollows 4:51 Laurie Spiegel Buy
  6. 6 Two Archetypes: Hall of Mirrors - I 4:24 Laurie Spiegel Buy
  7. 7 Two Archetypes: Hurricane's Eye ? II 3:35 Laurie Spiegel Buy
  8. 8 Sound Zones 8:07 Laurie Spiegel Buy
  9. 9 Riding the Storm 4:29 Laurie Spiegel Buy
  10. 10 Strand of Life ("Viroid") 1:21 Laurie Spiegel Buy
  11. 11 From a Harmonic Algorithm 2:55 Laurie Spiegel Buy
  12. 12 Passage 14:05 Laurie Spiegel

Laurie Spiegel

Unseen Worlds

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