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Pedro Vian
Pedro Vian
Pedro Vian
Modern Obscure Music
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February 2019
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On Pedro Vian's second album, the now Amsterdam-based artist opens up a new sonic chapter of his life, running through depths of emotions and feelings, traversing moments of euphoria, fury, serenity, hope and love. Recorded between 2014 and 2018, the self titled LP opens with a melodic flourish, drops down through mournful vocal driven pieces and lands on fast moving synths across a set of 12 deeply personal tracks

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  1. 1 Static Ecstasy 2:40 Pedro Vian Buy
  2. 2 Flexible Girl 5:10 Pedro Vian Buy
  3. 3 Hamets 4:50 Pedro Vian Buy
  4. 4 Unicorn 2:44 Pedro Vian Buy
  5. 5 Seneca 2:32 Pedro Vian Buy
  6. 6 Desmai 1:56 Pedro Vian Buy
  7. 7 Platja 2:52 Pedro Vian Buy
  8. 8 Similar Faces 3:29 Pedro Vian Buy
  9. 9 Vistes desde ses Illes 1:57 Pedro Vian Buy
  10. 10 Sant Moritz 5:16 Pedro Vian Buy
  11. 11 Acid Brut 5:56 Pedro Vian Buy
  12. 12 Tribute to Ligeti 3:26 Pedro Vian Buy

Pedro Vian

Modern Obscure Music

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